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Day 8 (7 VIII 2007) Tuesday "Smile - free hugs. Open your eyes for respect. Altruist in action - active operation to break barriers and intolerance among people"

This day was so much different. At 10:30 a.m. our group started in downtown Krakow. We sang, danced and talked - with everything in hopes of giving one, small, sweet "hug" to everyone J We went there not being sure about it's outcome, with different thoughts "what people will say", but it turned out that they were very happy to receive free hugs. We were happy to be welcomed in a nice way. In my opinion people who were touched by our "small hands" experienced it more than us, who maybe should be ashamed because of our behavior, but only in theory. We came back to our hotel in very good moods.
After dinner we went to the Water Park in Krakow. We spent 3 hours there and came back for supper and the evening program. We've spent the evening program watching everything that happened today in downtown Krakow, listening to the interviews with people who agreed to say something in front of the video camera and talking about our worries before going there and how our opinion was changing during the day. The day ended with worship. Everyone who stayed was happy about it and we came back to our rooms singing :).


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