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Day 4 (3 VIII 2007) Friday - "Life should be fair but it isn't, so what is going on?"

Friday 7:30 a.m.-  At the tables was mostly cheese and bread.  With nearly only bread and water, it was an interesting experience for people from the protestant church. At 8:13 a.m. we left to Oswiecim to visit concentration camps and find out about the history and discover, "what was the truth?"  When we arrived there we divided into two groups - Polish and English speaking (with a very good guide). Everybody was deeply touched with what we seen.  Auschwitz Oswiecim and Auschwitz Brzezinka amazed us very much.
We returned late for dinner to our hotel. After dinner we had some free time. Some of us played sports and games and those who were tired spent the time talking. After supper there was an evening program - we enjoyed more Irish music and two games - dragon fights and holding a coin with your lips.
The topic of that evening was - "Life should be fair but it isn't, so what is going on?"
The leaders prepared some unfair games:

  1. 3 players and 3 judges - players had to draw a thing which was behind them with their eyes covered - judges disqualified those who cheated - the honest one wins
  2. 15 people, 5 of them didn't know what was going on - they had to put pasta from one plate to another, piece after piece using two fingers. 10 players started to cheat, the other five who didn't know what was going on, were confused but also started to cheat. Only one player stayed honest to the end and got a prize - a T-shirt.

At the end of the day we experienced Przemek's and Szczepan's lecture (I still don't understand why Szczepan talked about Przemek and Przemek talked about Szczepan while they were standing next to each other). This lecture summarized our game that we had earlier, comparing it to the "unfair" story that he experienced and to what we saw in Oswiecim. At the end, we watched a Power Point presentation about Oswiecim which we have just visited and the music in the background fit exactly.
We don't want any massacres like this anymore!!!!!!!!! We have influence on our lives - we want to live fair!!! At the end we had a discussion in groups and the question was: "how do you deal with the frustration which exists because life isn't fair?"


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