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Day 3 (2 VIII 2007) Thursday - "What are we sure of that could be based on something in reality ."

After breakfast the morning program began -we divided ourselves into seven groups and we took up the subject of our exchange -toleration. Every group had to find a definition of the word toleration and then analyze some stories:

  1. Assassinations by the IRA - can we tolerate their actions using the definitions which we had created?
  1. A man killed his mother in law and beat his wife and child. How can we use tolerance for him?
  1. A grandson bit his grandmother because she didn't give him money. How can we use toleration for him?
  1. Marek discriminates Michael because he is a different race and has different beliefs. What will you do as a Michael's friend?
  1. Parents tolerate the late homecoming of their son. They didn't even ask where he got the money he had. Is this tolerance or stupidity? Explain why.
  1. Parents don't react to a damaged bus tire, which is supposed to drive their children to the camp in the mountains. Is this tolerance or stupidity?

Next there was a presentation of group works (definition of posters) made by whole groups. At the end we compared our achievements and checked those with dictionary definitions of tolerance. After creative work there was a time for fun and integration - the game played was called 'Bonko'. During this game we had time to get to know each other closer, because game partners were changing constantly which made an opportunity to play with everyone. Of course winners were rewarded with T-shirts and other good prizes. Next was dinner. If somebody didn't have time to eat enough, there was that opportunity in Krakow - I suggested the kebab and ice coffee :). In the afternoon we spent our free time visiting downtown Krakow and Wawel showing the group from Ireland the historic buildings of our culture. It was the third day and everybody waited to see the old town. When we came back to the building we were staying in, it was a time for supper. When everybody was stuffed, we started our evening program. A lot happened. We started with two Irish dances. It was so funny and for us it was a new dance experience. In the dining room, which was also meeting room, we danced to the title song of our project "I can't hear you". It will stay in our minds for a long time. In the evening there was a time to check how we were feeling. We did that by showing it on a thermometer which we prepared earlier. It turned out that everybody was feeling great and the scale wasn't enough to show it - the mercury indicator broke down :). During the evening program Przemek, leader of the group i2i, had a speech about a woman which loved her husband so much that she agreed to get a piece of white hair from bear's chest. At the end of the day we watched a Power Point presentation about the history of Northern Ireland. We all were watching destruction which appeared because of the battle between Protestants and Catholics.

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