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" i2i " is an international group which started around August 2006 in Northern Ireland. There are people from two countries in " i2i " -Northern Irish and Polish who live in N. Ireland, Main thing which connected us was Christianity. As a people from different cultures and background we also became from different christian churches but we created that group mainly for integration between us. We decided to not concern on differences but on similarities. Our group stays in close contact with Kingdom Life Faith Centre which is the church in Lisburn, 8 miles from Belfast. They support us with many projects which are concern on breaking the barriers between Pols and Irish. We organize international meetings togheter, special events like "Pol-Irish New Years Eve" and other activities. We meet every week at the church who let us use their facilities. Members of our group are mostly between 18 - 25 but there are also younger and older people. We see a huge need for making projects like this, for bringing different cultures togheter and for learning how to tolerate other nations. According to our desire we made connection with group I.C.E. in Poland through our Polish members and we decided to go there to get to know Poland more. We hope this project will extend our thinking and tolerance.