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Day 6 (5 VIII 2007) Sunday - "Interdenominational Day - different way of tolerance. Songs of different cultures are beautiful"

Sunday is considered for most Polish people as a day when you go to church. We stayed with this "tradition", but did something a bit different than what we would normally do - most of campers went to church, but to different ones than they normally would go to. That was the idea about "Interdenominational Day", so in this way for example Catholics visited protestant church and protestants visited catholic church. After services/mass we went back to our hotel for "our first perfect dinner" which consisted of typical Polish dishes like rosol (chicken noodle soup) and schabowy (veal cutlet) with mizeria (fresh cucumber salad). With full stomachs and after short break we went to play volleyball or other sports, and eventually prepared ourselves to present our churches using materials that we got today at service/mass.
In the evening we had an evaluation of religious tolerance when we talked about our church. I had no idea that there was a big denomination variety among us. We presented few different churches, for example: Baptist Church, Pentecostal, Catholic and Presbiterian.
The evening program was fun again. We had a game where we changed 3 people into mummies. At the beginning they had to jump and turn around in front of the public but later we made them to fight with one another about their faces. It was very funny. It turned out that Sandra was mummy number 1 and she received a T-shirt as a prize. It wasn't the only T-shirt that she got today. All campers finally received red T-shirts with the camp logo "Eyes wide open". They are great - congratulations to Przemek who designed them! Bravo!
At the end of the day we had a worship meeting. Everyone who had that need could sing and pray to worship God. In my opinion it was the most exciting part of the day, because in that atmosphere we could feel God's presence and everybody was in a perfect and amazing mood. That was the end of the day and we had to go to our rooms, but this time with great peace in our hearts :).


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