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Main goal of the "Eyes Wide Open - tolerate and be tolerated" project is to stimulate ourself and local socity to be more sensitive for a problem of intolerance. Our project is crossdenominational - there are three churches involed in it and to of them are minority churches in Poland. During the project we would like to get to know other culture and different way of thinking, as well as extend our horizons. Being tolerative leads to freedom and doesn't meeen agreement with someones actions at the same time. We want to show value of each human being, promote respect and love to ourselfs and others, tolerance for different religions and outlooks. As a result of workshops, disscusions, group works, speaches and other creative activities we expect to see sensitivity for intolerance. We would like to show that realising own passions cen be good oposition for adictions such as drugs and alcohol. Through our activities we want to create posters, reports, video clips what we would like to expose on a "tolerance day" at the end of project. We belive this project can be amazing adventure for both of participant group and it can be the way our voice will be heard.