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Day 7 (6 VIII 2007) Monday - "I want to be seen, to have a meaning. I want to have influence at life around me"

Another day of our camp turned out to be one of the busiest days. Right after breakfast we started our jobs - preparing posters, flyers and tickets for the action called "darmowe usciski" which means "free hugs" J It was supposed to make people (citizens of Krakow and tourists) smile. We divided again into 4 groups and each of them prepared their own program to visit the city. After dinner we had our planned trip to Wieliczka - one of the oldest salt mines. We enjoyed our guide's sense of humor for over 2 hours J It was very cold but also very interesting J On the way back from the mine we went to see the view of the city from Kosciuszko mountain. It was very short but it was worth it!!!
After supper we started to evaluate again. This time we shared our thoughts and feelings about the day and at the end we worked in groups to finish our posters, flyers and tickets for the next day. After group presentations we had some time to relax with music at the bonfire where we could enjoy Irish and Polish songs, intercultural humor and fun. It was a long day .


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