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Day 2 (1 VIII 2007) Wednesday - "Open your eyes wide and look one more time..."

At 9.00 a.m. I2I group prepared a traditional Irish breakfast for us. We had a chance to try potato bread and Irish sausages.
During the free time before dinner we played integration games like "the string" and "balloon names searching" -our names were put into the balloons which were laying on the grass and when somebody said "start" everybody had to break the balloon and find their names.  Also before the dinner we floated around a Joker card, which lasted till the end of our exchange. The aim of this game was to integrate picnickers. In order to get a Joker card we had to search for it between ourselves asking a question "Hello my name is.... do you have a Joker Card?" The person who had a joker card when one of leaders asked him/her about it won a nice prize. So it was worth the effort. The first winner was Sandra who won a T-shirt.
After the dinner, during the free time, the youth made new relationships with each other and played some sports games.
During the evening program, picnickers from both groups presented themselves on the forum. We also presented our hymn and movements which we created the day before and taught the Irish group. Then we played the game called elimination (The hunter beats the bear, the bear beats the ninja, the ninja beats the hunter). Thereafter Aaron (i2i) and Kuba (ICE) were given inimitable makeup by the girls from both clubs. Later we had a lecture given by pastor Mariusz.  He showed us how our point of view can change depending on the place we are. Then we were divided into 6 groups and discussed our expectations of projects, leaders, friends etc. and our concerns

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