Młodzież w działaniu Młodzież w działaniu Klub ICE Polish Mission Church KingdomLife

Our church group is located in a suburb city called Seixal, crossed by the Tagus river from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Our group consists of about 50 members, 50% of whom are under 30 years of age. The group is diverse and we have migrant workers in attendance at our activities. Besides the weekly religious meetings which we offer to the local community, we also run activities for young people, children and provide social assistance for families in need. Each summer, children and young people are taken to summer camps where they engage positively with children from other regions of Portugal. Some of our senior young people & adults volunteer their services in the management of these camps and retreats. Our church group cooperates with another two groups in the area and joint activities run during the year. It is intended that the young people that will be part of this project will be drawn from the three groups.


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