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"I.C.E." - is a youth language club founded In 2002 to learn English in an unconventional way. First meetings took place in the Dom Kultury in Zielona Góra but after 2 years the location was changed for the Baptist Church which was helping I.C.E from the very beginning. The young people had their chance to learn English through songs, games and discussions of all sorts. Seeing all the result of our work we came up with the idea of a project of an youth exchange that we would like to do together with our friends from Ireland. It wasn't difficult to find the theme for the project because it came right from our surroundings - tolerance and it's boundaries. We come from different churches, families we have different views but by working together we can live an exciting adventure. We hope that thanks to the project we will broaden our views, knowledge and it will start a whole new chapter in the I.C.E. history. This is our chance to learn more about European culture and to meet young people from all the European Union.


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